{Short break} Deep airport meditation, exciting Milan, unknown KitchenAid and the red medal.

Greetings from Milan Aääääääättätt. Irritated, I look at the disinterested airport employee behind the counter. What kind of sound was that? It did not sound good at all. I put my phone with the boarding pass on the barcode scanner again. Äääääääääätttt. Now I get 2 seconds of his attention: "To Milan? Your flight has been canceled, "Mr. Lakonisch informs me after looking at his screen. Gecanceled? Dumbfounded, I stand with my phone in my hand and look stupid. I did not have that either. Behind me, almost a dozen families with huge suitcases are impatiently pushing. "And now?" I dare to ask. Me meets a short look. "Now go to the counter of your airline". Behind me, it mumbles impatiently. At least I manage to get a vague directional indication for the easyJet switch before the mob can trample me down from behind.

The queue at the counter is long. I hear the two girls in front of me being offered the last two places to go elsewhere. Then it's my turn. "Apparently my flight was canceled," I say to the EasyJet lady. The is of a particularly rough charm and leaves no doubt that the canceled flight is indeed my very personal and very own fault. "Yes," she begs me. "It was canceled two days ago. Why did not you notice that earlier? "That's a very interesting question. However, I just feel unable to discuss this with the lady. Otherwise, I'll probably have to throw something in the face at the end. Instead, I kindly inquire how to get to Milan. "Not at all." Is the short answer. "At least not before tomorrow evening." - "That's it now?", I ask the lady. "Yes, that's it," is the snippy answer.

I just do not say anything about this rudeness and discourage my phone. I need help. I have to go to Milan. KitchenAid invited me to spend a day at the international kitchen fair Eurocucina and watch the product innovations and live cooking shows there. In addition, a supporting program with dinner and an exhibition visit is planned. And tomorrow evening I really wanted to be back in Hamburg. I call my contact person and he promises to seek a new travel connection immediately. They would call me back.

KitchenAid Milano Hamburger Airport

2 hours later , So I am sitting at the airport waiting. And watch. And wait. It's amazing how relaxed you can be when you have nothing to do but sit and wait. The little brown banana is faithful to me. We're both sitting together, sitting next to each other and watching the people. But at some point I have to eat it. Then I'm all alone. All around me, people are rushing very purposefully somewhere. But I'm no longer part of the rushing faction - I'm parked in a parallel universe. And all the beautiful cosmetics are waiting inside , behind the security gates. It's a shame. For a short time, I am profiling myself in architectural photography, then meditating again.

Hamburg Airport Architecture

Eight long and anxious hours and a plastic bowl salad later, I can actually throw myself in the next plane and leave for Milan. As a small reward for the meditation sessions, there is a colorful sunset spectacle over the Alps.

KitchenAid Trip to Milano

Milan, finally Milan.It's Design Week in Milan, and on the otherwise busy street and nightlife area so many people are bustling that it's almost unbelievable. I'm traveling with Claudio from KitchenAid's PR agency, Ruth Clemens from England, Elisabetta Ferrari from Italy and Cécile Cau from France. From every shop and every bar sounds loud music. In addition to the never-ending stream of people strolling down the street - wow, I would not have dreamed that 10 hours ago. What a contrast program! I spontaneously feel incredibly alive as I rock to the beat of the mingling electro beats.

Kitchen Aid Milano By Night

We stroll up and down the Via Tortona and let ourselves drift a bit. Since I have missed the dinner and supporting program (ahhhrgg!) For me there is a quick bagel from the California Bakery on the hand. The California Bakery is hugely popular and chubby - be sure to check it out and sample the wonderful pies and savory snacks when you're around.

Califonia Bakery Milan

The next morning we start early. A first look from the Marriott in Milan - really much is not happening yet. And the Milanese sun is apparently still a bit sleepy. eat breakfast first, then you can see.

Milan Marriott

Minibus takes us later to the fairgrounds outside and to the Eurocucina. Slowly we move with the people from all over the world through the entrance. I am impressed by how generously the halls are designed and how big the stands are designed. And then we're finally at the KitchenAid booth.

KitchenAid Eurocucina 2014

"It's about being serious about food" is the new guideline for KitchenAid and radiates from afar at the booth.

KitchenAid Serious about food

If you only connects the famous colorful retro kitchen machines with KitchenAid will be as surprised as I was: KitchenAid offers the complete range of kitchen major equipment: Combi stoves, steamer for sous vide, built-in vacuum equipment and refrigerators. We meet the chief designer and listen strained his story of how teams from different countries have developed a global new trademark for KitchenAid. The Red Medallion

 KitchenAid Eurocucina  Kitchen Aid Eurocucina Red Medallion

The small red metal ring is used among other things in the massive handles of large equipment. The brand color red comes first. But according to taste many more colors are available to equip your own kitchen and in detail as desired.

KitchenAid Red Medallion

The Red Medallion is also subtly reflected in the interior design of the refrigerators. These are available in almost every conceivable width and I am very excited about the variable interior.The notch in the lids are also suitable as a safe storage for wine bottles. I like!

KitchenAid Eurocucina Milan Refrigerators

After a delicious lunch at the Backstage area is then cooked at the booth in front of an audience. Csaba della Zorza and Edd Kimber are the brand ambassadors for Kitchen Aid and, along with celebrity baker Cynthia Barcomi, will soon write scrumptious recipes for the Kitchen Aid blog Serious about food.

KitchenAid Eurocucina LifecookingKitchen Ais Eurocucina Lifecooking

But now we see Csaba and Edd live with the cult food processor in action: kneading pasta, slicing tagliatelle (in front of critical Italians) and making dough for delicately scented patties both loosely fluffy to the audience in an Italian-English potpourri.

Kitchen Aid Eurocucina LifecookingKitchenAid Eurocucina Lifecooking Pasta I can just try a plate with the delicious, freshly made pasta and the sous vide-cooked paprika, then I have to jump back in the car, which brings me to the airport. On the way, I review the last 24 hours and know: Milan I'll definitely be back. And I need a bigger fridge. Absolutely.

Info: Many thanks to KitchenAid for inviting us as a frenzied meditating reporter to the Eurocucina in Milan come. Of course my experiences and my opinion are my own.